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Posted by Sean Clark on July 10, 2023 Uncategorized

How to Select the Best Bouqet for a Warm Welcome at the Airport

Airports worldwide are witness to countless heartfelt reunions every day. It’s in these bustling terminals that friends, family, and loved ones exchange long-awaited hellos as they embrace and bask in the joy of being together. Whether a loved one is coming home or a dear friend is in town for a visit, each of these precious moments calls for a special celebration. Among the many ways to honor an occasion, vibrant, meaningful, and beautiful flowers are a timeless tradition, expressing love, gratitude, and happiness. Choosing the perfect “welcome” flowers can be a personal and thoughtful decision, taking into consideration their favorite blooms and the message you want to convey. Learn from the experts here at Granbury Flowers & Gifts, the best florist in Granbury, as we suggest the most symbolic and brightest blooms for travelers and loved ones. 

Welcoming Loved Ones with Meaningful Flowers

Fresh Flowers for Friends

Greeting friends at the airport shouldn’t be done empty-handed. The best way to express joy, happiness, and bliss is by selecting an arrangement filled with blooms that symbolize these positive emotions and pure delight. Take a look at a few favorite flowers to represent your friendship.

  • Alstroemeria – Friendship and Optimism
  • Chrysanthemums – “You’re a wonderful friend”
  • Geraniums – True Friendship
  • Iris – “Your friendship means so much to me”
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship and Joy
  • Yellow Tulips – Friendship and Cheerfulness
  • Zinnias – “Never forget absent friends”

Romantic Blooms for Significant Others

When your significant other steps off the plane after a long separation, the rush of excitement, anticipation, and pure joy can be overwhelming. At times, these powerful emotions might leave us struggling for words to express just how deeply we’ve missed them and how much they mean to us. This is the perfect time to choose a bouquet that’s filled with symbolically rich blooms that speak volumes on your behalf.

  • Dahlia – Excitement and Lasting Bond
  • Forget-Me-Not – “True love memories”
  • Roses – Romance, Passion, and Love
  • Honeysuckle – “The bond of love”
  • Lavender – Enchantment, and Love at First Sight
  • Pink Camellia – Longing and often given to those we miss
  • Red Chrysanthemums – “I love you”
  • Stocks – Bonds of Affection and Happy Life

Meaningful Petals for Family

Whether you’re picking up a family member from the airport to bring home or host for a visit, a bouquet of fragrant flowers will warm their hearts. Vibrant petals serve as a radiant “hello” and help convey how much you have missed them while expressing your gratitude for their visit. These fresh symbols of family love will never go unappreciated. 

  • Hydrangea – Sincerely Heartfelt and Gratitude
  • Orange Tulips – Warmth
  • Peach Roses – Missing Someone
  • Pink Carnations – Gratitude and a Mother’s Undying Love

Cheerful Flowers for Any Traveler/Visitor

There are times when out-of-town guests simply bring a wave of sheer happiness into our lives – regardless of family ties or friendships. For such joyous occasions, a bouquet of popular blooms makes an ideal greeting. There are so many sweet blooms that carry meanings of happiness, appreciation, joy, and welcome, capturing the spirit of warm hospitality. As you head to the airport to pick up your visitors, consider which of these cheerful florals they might enjoy.

  • Baby’s Breath – Happiness
  • Calla Lilies – Rejuvenation, Classy Style, and Luxurious Appeal
  • Gerbera Daisies – Cheerfulness and Loyal Love
  • Pink Roses – Appreciation, Joy, and Gratitude
  • Safflowers – Welcome
  • Sunflowers – Happiness
  • Sweet Pea – “Thank you,” Bliss, Pleasure, and a great way to bid someone “farewell” after a wonderful visit
  • Wisteria – Welcome
  • Yellow Lily – Gratitude

Related Meanings of Colors

Not only does the type of flower hold significant symbolism, but the color of the bloom also conveys meaningful messages. If you find it challenging to find the right flowers for your airport greeting, an inspiring approach can be to select ones based on their hues alone. This method might even lead you to your traveler’s favored stems in their favorite color!

  • Light Pink – Admiration
  • Peach – Gratitude
  • Pink – Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Red – Passion, Love, and Romance
  • Yellow – Joy and Friendship

The tradition of greeting travelers with flowers at the airport has deep roots. Going back to the 1800s, visitors to the Hawaiian Islands arriving by steamships were welcomed with the iconic lei—a token of respect, hospitality, and “aloha.” Made from strung blooms, nuts, and shells, this warm reception has evolved into what we now know as the “authentic Hawaiian hello.” Even today, a visit to Hawaii might earn you a personal lei at the airport or upon arrival at your hotel.

Embrace the age-old tradition and the language of flowers as you plan a heartfelt greeting and warm welcome with family, friends, and loved ones at the airport. At Granbury Flowers & Gifts, our wide array of welcoming floral arrangements promises to provide the best surprise for your eagerly awaited guests.