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Posted by Sean Clark on July 10, 2023 Uncategorized

Tips & Considerations for Sending Get-Well Flowers to the Hospital

When a person dear to your heart finds themselves in the hospital, sending get-well flowers is a thoughtful gesture that adds a touch of brightness to their day and communicates your concern and support as they heal. However, the question of which flowers to send, and the best way to do so, may give you pause. The variety of flowers available is vast, and understanding the hospital’s policies can sometimes be overlooked or seem daunting. Fear not, as the experts here at Granbury Flowers & Gifts have outlined useful guidelines on choosing the most suitable flowers and delivering them successfully to your loved one in the hospital. 

Since we often coordinate special deliveries to local hospitals, our seasoned florists are equipped with invaluable advice on dispatching flowers to hospitals in the Granbury, TX, area. Learn the ins and outs of hospital flower delivery, and discover tips on selecting the most fitting blooms. We understand your empathy, and we’re here to assist you in expressing it. 

Flower bouquets

Following Tradition

Flowers have been a tool to communicate sentiments of all kinds throughout history and literature. This custom hails from the Victorian era when emotional expression was often indirect. Instead of vocalizing their feelings, people would send flowers as the symbolism carried by each stem offered a distinct message that was widely understood. Today, we continue this tradition by sending flowers to loved ones. For instance, a vibrant, lively bouquet not only adds a splash of color to an otherwise dull hospital room but also delivers a thoughtful yet cheerful message to your loved one.

beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers in a vase on wooden table. the work of the florist at a flower shop. a bright mix of sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses

Which Flowers to Choose?

Choosing the right flowers requires some considerations. Hospital rooms are often smaller spaces, so a compact arrangement is an optimal choice and allows for easy transportation upon your loved one’s discharge. Opt for bright flowers, like yellows, oranges, and pinks, for their uplifting energy and positive symbolism. Daffodils, for instance, represent new life, irises signify good news, and heather symbolizes good luck and protection.

Stylish floral bouquet with pink hydrangea and Ranunculus asiaticus in contrasting pink wrapping paper. Designer flower bouquet from a florist

Flowers Bring Positive Benefits

Regardless of size, a vibrant floral arrangement can introduce powerful positive energy to the recipient. A study conducted at Rutgers University revealed that the act of receiving flowers results in more genuine smiles and sincere gratitude compared to receiving other gifts. As your loved one recuperates and heals, gorgeous blooms will make their hospital stay and recovery journey a little more joyful. Selecting hypoallergenic and fragrance-free blooms, such as hydrangeas, ranunculus, or orchids, ensures that any visitors, roommates, or hospital staff with allergies or other medical conditions remain undisturbed.

Get well soon wishing card with flower on the table in front of ICU room in hospital

Tips for Sending Get-Well Blooms

When sending get-well flowers, there are a few tips to remember in order to demonstrate your care effectively and seamlessly. While aiming for bright-colored petals in a design that is compact and easy for your loved one to bring home, you should also communicate with both your florist and medical center. Hospitals tend to operate under a bustling schedule, so calling in advance to ensure that flowers are permitted and to confirm a suitable delivery time is vital. Then, share this information with your florist along with the name and address of the medical center and the full name and room number of the recipient.

Sending flowers is a powerful way to express love, hope, support, and care for your loved one on their healing journey. When you follow these guidelines, you’ll not only lift their spirits but also brighten an otherwise monotonous hospital room. For more insights on sending get-well flowers, consult with the experts at Granbury Flowers & Gifts. We take pride in delivering the freshest and most extraordinary blooms to your friends and family.

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